Clermont Duval has been an artist all his life. As a child he was always fascinated
by drawings and what could be done with a simple pencil on any surface.
He could create stories, action scenes and make anything he wanted, apeared
on a white piece of paper.
Pencil and paper became creative tools, ink drawings followed and of
course, brushes, oil paint and canvas were next.
With colors, the magic could be push beyond the border of reality.

Clermont was born in the town of St. Éleuthère, in Kamouraska Québec. In the early sixties his family established themselves in Mattawa, Ontario where Clermont has lived ever since.

He developed a passion for drawing at a very young age, so young that
he doesn’t remember being without a pencil and paper. He has always created worlds and objects that he couldn’t access, always making them available in two dimension.

On August 25 1973, he was involved in a very serious boating accident. His private boat blew up and he suffered burns to more than 50% of his body. This accident could have taken away all hopes of becoming an artist. Instead, he promised himself that if he regained the use of his hands, he would spend the rest of his life as a full time artist. His hands have healed and he has kept his promise.
His first love in art was writing and illustrating graphic novels. In 1975, he published his first book titled “La guerre à coup de poings”. The second book, “La rage aux dents” was published in Quebec soon after.

In 1978 he wrote and illustrated his sixth story –“L’arme humaine”. It was because of this that the opportunity arose to write and portray as a graphic novel, the story of Maria Chapdelaine (Louis Hémon’s Heroine). A collection of 300 of Clermont’s drawings are in the Louis Hémon Museum in Péribonka, Québec.
Clermont started painting in 1977. He has produced work in oils which have sold in Toronto, Montréal and North Bay. Over the years, his feelings have remained torn between writing and painting. His appeal of story and image is greatly influenced by his love of movies. Clermont described this as the perfect art (because it uses all the existing art forms to create.)
In 1988, Clermont began his “Children and Wildlife” series which combines both writing and painting. In this medium, the artist truly discovered himself. The work of “The Great Hunter” was the first painting to be reproduced as a Limited Edition print. For this print, not only would each piece be numbered and signed, but each one would be fingerprinted and would include a storyline. He was the first artist to mark his reproductions with his fingerprints. Now, many artists in Canada and the U.S. have followed his lead. Clermont’s work is internationally recognized, with galleries in the U.S., France and Germany showing many of his Limited Editions.
Today, he has numerous reproductions on the market. Articles appear in prestigious art magazines such as “Wildlife Art News”, “U.S. Art”,’‘ Art Trends’‘ and “Art Impressions”. He has also been approached by the Franklin Mint (Producers of Collectors Plates). Many of his limited editions on legends and stories that he has written have sold out.
On August 25 1994; the same date of his accident, saw the opening of the artist’s own gallery. The gallery is self sufficient, producing its own framing and offerings a full line of art printing and photo finishing services.
In 2008 Clermont is back to his storytelling roots, and publish two novels,
‘’L’être humain cesse d’être humain’‘ and ‘’Un dans trois’‘ and in 2009 two more books were out, ‘’Pauvre d’un milliard de bonheurs’‘ and ‘’L’année du 25 décembre’‘.
In 2010 he comes back to the true roots of his pass by launching the making of a graphic novel which has require 300 paintings to tell the story, a projet that was publish in 2012.
2013 saw the publication of a canadian classic,
Maria Chapdelaine, it was publish in both a french and english version all in colour and distributed throughout Canada by Fitzhenry & Whiteside from Toronto.
The White Forest, a sequel to The Red Forest is now in progress for a future release in 2017. Clermont is also working on a major project, another graphic novel but so different from everything he ever done before, title, Hands, it's also plan for a 2017 release.
Of course, canvas for the gallery are still being painted on a weekly basis.

Clermont works in the morning and attends business in the afternoon; one cannot live without the other. Ah the artist’s life!