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The following are story paintings done by the artist over the years

All of these originals are sold, only limited edition prints and decorative prints are available
on most of them.

The Admirable Violent

The most popular of Clermont’s story paintings, all 465 editions sold withing two
months. The gallery has one rare edition availabe at this moment, value at
$750.00. Two sequel followed to form a Trilogy.

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Here is the story of The Admirable Violent

A boy, lost in dense bush during sub-zero temperatures, is found the next day,
to everyone’s astonishment, alive and well. All he can get across is ‘’A black dog...
missing a leg.’’

The next month, while poaching, the boy’s father shoots a black wolf at the stroke
of midnignt. Upon closer inspection, he noticed the wolf had only three legs, in
addition to a gold medallion bearing an inscription: Nature Holds Man’s Life.

The father had kill his son savior. That night, an ex-poacher gently rocks his child
to sleep, fingering the gold medallion around the child’s neck, and with both sorrow
and respect, remembers this ‘’Admirable Violent’’

( A painting against trapping with claw traps and poaching. The black wolf lost his
leg in one of those trap, in the story who ever saved the wolf from the trap, he’s
also the one that gave him the medallion when he was release back in nature.)

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These Admirable Violents

We have to shoot this wolf, he’s got rabies.’’
This is what the authorities said of this animal who had dared come close to the
village. A boy had spotted the tracks of this wolf. Everyday he brought food to the
area, gradually building the trust of the animal and one morning he saw this
‘’threat to man’’

Slowly, the starved animal moved away limping...he was injured. The third time
he saw the wolf he realized it was a female as he noticed two pups from afar.
The next day as he came to the site... no tracks, he heard a noise in the direction
of which he ran and, to his great despair, discovered the female trapped in a snare!

He release her and hugs her. A spark of life appears in the eyes of the victim.
The two pups came closer. The black one reminded the boy of a three legged wolf
that once saved his life. Could it be his pup? He took his gold medallion and tied it
around the neck of the young wolf. The mother was doing much better and her
ears pointed up as footsteps were heard.

When the posse of hunters arrived at the site, all they found was an empty snare,
the boot marks of a child and the tracks of ‘’These Admirables Violents’’.
Unbelievable they said. One man spotted an unusual patern of snow on a tree.
He couldn’t figure out these markings, intrigued, he used the blade of his knife as
a mirror and in the reflection the letters completed themselves and revealed this
message left by the Wonders of Nature.

(The markings were half of letters, the mirror of the blade showed the other half to
create this message: ‘’BELIEVE JUST BELIEVE’’ Yes, believing a story, adds to it .)

web The last admirable violent

The Last Admirable Violent

She was a strong, proud black wolf, the alpha female of the pack. Often this black
beauty would wander alone near the town limits. Seen by many people, she was
becoming a living legend because of a mysterious gold medallion she had around
her neck. Even though she was loved and respected by her group she was a loner.
One day she left the pack and disappeared.

Several weeks later, an old bushman was hiking in the forest when he noticed he
was being followed by wolves. he kept walking and the wolves, in perfect silence,
trailed him. Despite his experience in the bush, this unusual pursuit made him
nervous and he started to run. The wolves, soundless, kept pace with him.

Desparate and confused, he felt, got back up and kept going. Shortly after,
exhausted, he stopped. The wolves weren’t following anymore. In the distance, he
heard a mournful howling. Curious to know what was happening, he backtracked.

He found the wolves in a clearing, gathered around the alpha male lying next to
his hat. He had lost it when he felt. This leader of wolves had the loudest and
saddest howling of all, for, it seemed he had recognized attaches to the wolf fur
hat, the gold medallion belonging to his black beauty.

She was.... ‘’The Last Admirable Violent’’

(Back to story one, she was caught in a trap, nobody was there to save her, her
fur was used to make the hat, the old man bought it from the trapper or the craft
shop and coincidence, he happen to be walking where the pack used to live and the
alpha male recognized the gold medallion of his alpha female.)

web The Maginificent Three

‘’The Magnificent Three’’

The legend had been caried down through generations saying ‘’if you see the
moose, the eagle and the wolf together, you will possess great power.’’

One day a boy sighted the three and his faith in the prediction changed his
destiny as he became the leader of his nation.

On his weeding day his bride reveals to him that she knew they were destined
for each other. ‘’How would you know that ? ‘’ he asked.
‘’Long ago, the day you saw the magnificent three, I was there also. Therefore,
I to, have the power of the legend of ‘’The Magnificent Three’’

(Find where the little girl is hiding in the image)

web a smile and a tear multiple

A Smile and A Tear

This mountain was the favorite place of her grandfather. Often together they would
watch in the distance the golden eagles which fascinated the od man. The little girl
adored her elder, she was impressed by his stories, his expressions, his values of life
of a past generation and his love of eagles. ‘’I would like to pass eternity on this
mountain, ’’ he often said.

His words became but remembrance on the day he passed away. His souvenirs
soon came back to life when several days in a row a young eagle flew above the
girl’s house. As she watched the bird she remembered her grandfather’s words.
‘’I would like to pass eternity on this mountain’’ So it was, his ashes were buried
with stones on top of the mountain.

One day she brought some wild flowers on the grave and saw the young eagle high
above. ‘’Cross your fingers when you make a wish,’’ her old friend used to tell her.
Soon after she crossed her fingers, the young eagle landed close to her. Then
she noticed her wish had come true and it brought to her face ‘’A Smile and A Tear’’

What did she notice?

She saw that the bird was missing a finger, just like her grandfather in the picture
next to the grave.

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Life Line

The boy was born with a birthmark on his left hand. The same day a young white
moose pass by, the animal had, on his back, the same birthmark as the boy.
Many times the boy heard from the elder about his link with the white animal.
On the day he would see it, he was told, his life line would be revealed.
The meeting with his future became the boy’s obsession until one morning,
they came face to face. The elder’s words sounded in his mind, ‘’When you see
the white moose, you will see what you will become.

He saw a strong, gentle, unique animal; he would a man of strengh, justice
and one of a kind.
He saw points missing on the antlers; he would live long and bury many.
He saw a female with two calves; he would have a wife and two children.
It was a bright day; he would have a brilliant life.
He was surrounded by a white forest; he would be dominated by white men.

All of this comes to pass...
When he was old, he returned to the site. With his eyes closed, he visualized the
scene of years ago, searching his memory for a sign foretelling how his life would
end. Then he open his eyes, he has seen the omen. Seconds later, a stray bullet
strikes him in the heart, bringing to an end his ‘’Life line.

What was the sign he saw? (the white moose had a scar in the heart area, also
the place where he met the white moose was part of his destiny because one of
the birch tree also had the birthmark)

web the great hunter

The Great Hunter

web True story final

True Story

I was told of this story by an old Indian guide. It happened in the month of May,
years ago when he found a doe who didn’t survive gunshot wounds. Her fur
was still warm and he could tell she had newborns but there was no trace of them.

Farther, as he kept walking facing the wind, looking for the young fawns, he
came upon two wolves laying down with their young but on second look, no, they
weren’t pups they were the baby deer he was looking for.

He admired what he saw and did not interfere instead he tried to understand
and learn from it.The following day, when he returned to the site, the wolves
were gone and the deer, despite starvation, had never been hurt.

When he finished his story, the old guide added: ‘’Contrary to men, nature will
take only what it needs, not what it wants, up to the extreme of this unbelievable
‘’True Story’’

web Le jugement

The Judgement

web vengeance


The bushman was lost in the snowstorm. He was coming down the hill when he
notices a wolf pack. These northern kings were sort of telling him, ‘’Follow us,
follow us.’’ He changed his direction and trusted the wolves.
All the time down he hill where he was heading, stood a farmhouse. Had he
followed his path, he would have heen saved.
The wolves were leading him back into the bush because of the wolf fur hat he
was wearing, they recognized him as a trapper. It was the wolves ‘’Vengeance’’

Trappers capture wolves with snares, if you look carefully you will notice that
the wolves have form a snare around the trapper, ‘’Live by the snare, died by the
snare’’ The moral of this story is, if you get lost in the bush and your are wearing
wolf fur, don’t follow the wolves!!

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Playing with the Kids in the Neighbor’wood

The strength and the beauty of innocence and naivete could make this scene
plausible. All the dreams of peace and harmony from the world of fairytales,
wisdom and utopia could have come true if only they had known to use a
small dosage of these two ingredients. Instead, they chosse to rely on
intelligence and logic and this has led directly to reality - as we know it and,
never will they be ‘’Playing with the Kids in the Neighbor’wood.’’

(When you look carefully in this painting you will find a peace pipe, a magic
wand and a peace & love symbol, somehow, innocence and naivete is stronger than
those three.)