Magic paintings by Clermont Duval are very intriging.

In this example you see rabbits chasing wolves, not normal but nice for a
change, then you see a racoon up in a branch in winter, he should be
hibernating, again, strange, until you put a light behind the painting, and
then in the second painting below this one you’ll see what is happening!

Magic double 1

Yes, the racoon is the trapper’s hat and the rabbits are his bunny boots!
That’s what the magic paintings are all about. You see an image that
usually doesn’t make sense until you put a light behind it, et voilà!!

Magic double 2

Here is an old abandon farm house, one morning some kids when by and
through this old pair of boots in the bush. At night when they came back the
boots were back where they were in the morning because..... (turn on a light
behind the painting and see below)
Magie, fermier double

...the owner was still in his boots!!